Sunday, March 15, 2009

Tooth Fairy

YES!!!!! The tooth Fairy has finally arrived at our house!
Align CenterFor the dog ... yes Biscuit has lost 4 teeth in the last week ....yes we saved them or at least we found 2 of them and left them out last night and Madison wanted her to leave them here, but leave Biscuit a treat.

This was the first thing Madison wanted to do ... go check for goodies for Biscuit. Sure enough 2 biscuits for the Biscuit and she left the teeth for us as well. She also wrote us a note, but it is way to small for us to read, but Madison being all about "Fairies" says she will figure it out because she speaks fairy of course. There were traces of pixie dust everywhere as well .. but why wouldn't there be .. right?

**PS ... Did I mention Madison is 7 years old and has lost NO TEETH at all and Biscuit is 5 months old and has lost these 4 ... what's up with that? teeheehe



paperdoll said...

You guys are so cute! I'm all about fairies too...but I'm not 7!

Anonymous said...

That is too dang funny. I never thought about leaving the dogs teeth. Hope you have had a great weekend. Maybe I'll make a trip your way next week. Like you live soooooo far

Judi said...

That is a cute idea!! What are you going to do with the teeth??


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