Sunday, March 8, 2009

Don't forget .. Because I Did!

I had not paid any attention till my neighbor reminded me last night we were "springing forward" .... AHHHH! I love the extra sunlight at the end of the day, but hate the adjustment the first few weeks. I am READY for spring to arrive and put the sweaters away. Although it does creat a problem getting Maddie to bed .... thankfully I counted and we have 23 days till Spring Break and 52 days I believe till we get out for summer. (Yes girls, I counted this morning ...Can you tell I am ready for lazier days?)



Judi said...

Thanks for the reminder. I was told last night and I couldn't believe it was already that time of year. I am so excited.

Shari said...

Luckily I remembered......I know what you mean about the bedtime thing......and I am also counting down the days of not being so rushed and doing the homework thing and just having lazy nights......I can't wait!

Sue said...

I'm counting the days too - from the teacher perspective! I hate getting adjusted too, but it's easier in the Spring than the Fall for me, and I love getting home before dark. I have done better this year not staying at work so late (my office is a disaster), but I do have a life outside of school. Can't wait for those lazy days-sitting on the porch, sleeping late, Oh yea!!


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