Friday, May 28, 2010


That's all I can say today ...... AHHHHH! School is now offically out!

 We hit lunch and ice cream with Daddy and a tour around the golf course checking out the gosslings!

 I feel the stress melt away almost instantly!

 It's a bitter sweet day ... excited to be out, but so sad to see 2nd grade go because it means little miss is another year older!

Oh well, let the summer fun begin - tomorrow it does ... with "Date Day"!!!


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Giving Tree

I sit here and wonder - Where did the school year go??? I have been longing for summer time to arrive so we could sit at the pool with our friends that we rarely see during the school year due to busy schedules - and it hits me - 4 more school days including today and we can do that! YIKES!!!!

We have survived 2nd grade by the seat of our pants! Lots has happened this year at our house - the list is lengthy - I am working, Maddie has tutored endless hours, we have spent even more hours on the road, dance classes, swim team,co-chairing the Art & Antique Show at school,  the kitchen which is still torn apart, hubby on the road for work several days a week - the list could keep going and maybe will on around post.

So my dear friend Courtney has come up with this great end of the year gift - A Giving Tree!!! Or plant rather!!! It was in the May issue of Family Fun for all the directions. Basically everyone gives a gift card to somewhere and you put it in the paper flowers for the teacher and tuck it in a small plant. Each flower has a small pocket on the backside as you can see it the top picture. I still need to get the Giving Tree Book so the kiddos can sign it to go along with the gift.

Mrs. Baker has been awesome this year with our HUGE & ROWDY class. We have struggled as student and parent and she has pulled us through, given us guidance and much love. She has been a truly blessing to us as a family!!!

Thanks for all you have done for us Mrs. Baker!!!May your summertime be sweet and next years class a little less headstrong! :)

We love you!!!!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blame It On Th Boogie

Last night the girlies danced the night away at the
Contemporary School of Dance Recital.

It was Momma Mia wonderful , we had to Blame It On The Boogie, Lucy & Ricky were there, We went To Paris and walked in the rain , some cute little bananas  and yellow birds danced, The Phantom stalked us - You name it - It was danced! It was beautiful!!!

Thanks to all the teachers who taught our little darlings all year and getting the show ready!

It was amazing!!


Tuesday, May 18, 2010


M.I.A. - Yup that's me!!!!! I am missing and missing action on my blog, store, ect. I am doing a long term sub spot at my daughter's school these days ... actually 8 more to be exact! Which has been really fun, but causes me to lack in other departments.

See this is the first time in 7 years I had worked full time!! YUP! Plus we have stayed on the road until recently with Little Miss Prisse's activities.

I have enjoyed my time at school ... just have not figured how to get it all done!!

Did I mention the kitchen is still torn up which meas so it the rest of the house. We are still dinning  on the fine china a.k.a. paper plates, plastic utensils and paper cups!!! Hoping to wrap this sucker up in June .. cabinets this month and the rest in June .. QUICKLY I HOPE!!!!

Anyhow, have thought about blogging .. blogged in my head ... have lots to catch you all up on! SOON!

8 more days of school + dress rehearsal + dance recital = SUMMERTIME!!!

See ya' soon! :)


Sunday, May 2, 2010


Pop over and check out Lula's post about Little Chapters! She hit it right on the head!!!

I have been thinking about how much there is left to do and we only have 20 more school days to get it done.

I love the way she has described this  - I love how she describes a lot of things, but this is so fitting right now for me and I am sure for a lot of you.

So go see Lulu and let me know what you think!!!



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