Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Assistant

Meet my Assistant - Molly The Black Lab! She's not quite as cute as Julie's Assistant over at Joy's Hope, but she is amazingly cuddly and always agrees with whatever I have to say!

Yes, I said Black Lab - Maddie named her that! we watched her being born and the first words out of Maddie's mouth were "Look Momma, DC had a Black Lab!" Thanks to those sweet words of a then just turned 4 year old she instantly became ours! {Thanks Sally & Daddy}

Anyhow, Molly loves to sew or at least she thinks she does. Sometime I have to run her off to finish projects because she will come lay right in the middle of the sewing table or crawl up in my lap and want to stick her paws up at the running needles! She has even been known to crawl on top of the embroidery machine . {Who is named Daphne!}

Well, yesterday she was in full force ... but searching for a resting spot ... which ended up being inside the fabric cabinet ... even though Maddie had made her a little hidey hole under the table with her.

So what sort of silly things does your Asst. do for you?

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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Ahhhh! That's all I can say!

Look what I found from my little lady the other morning after she went to school. She left it on my "ORDERS" board in the sewing room.

What can I say? It makes my heart melt!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009


I just wanna know if I can get away with wearing this to the next PTO Meeting at school?

I just stumbled upon this in an ETSY SHOP . The designs are think are killer - especially if you have this killer body to go with it - I don't - anymore!

I actually love this skirt and if I looked like that I JUST MIGHT try to pull it off and wear to the next meeting at school.

What do you think?

Sassy, huh?


Quilt Picture

I saw this over @ Joy's Hope after Julie finished her quilt.
{Which I am hoping to start soon} Anyhow, she has this adorable picture of her youngest on the quilt and then made this quilt style "picture frame"

So I tried it. I didn't use the awesome canvas like she did, but a cheaper option from Micheal's .. they had these bit foamy boards 2 for $3 .. so I thought I would try this and if I feel in love {which I have} I would go back for a large canvas and order the paper Julie had! {which I love}

So what do you think? The picture is not the best since I used my phone, but you get the picture.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

First Day of 2nd Grade!

Happy first day of 2nd grade Maddie Paddie who looks like her Daddy!!! The fairies left her 2 pink flamingos in the front yard for her first day of school!

{silly fairies!}

As usual I drove her to school this morning to take a few pictures - of course!! What a crazy morning - mommies rushing to meet the bus to see their kiddos getting off and to take pictures!

{Secretly I go the 1st day to see all my friends too! Shh! I love seeing all the kiddies coming in as well and seeing how much they have all grown over the summer!}

Here she is getting down to business and wishing I would hurry up and leave!

{Yet she will pose for Courtney, but not me!!! Go figure!}

Finally home!

Here is Maddie's newest buddy { and neighbor} & little gal pal - Kayleigh! She just started
Prek 3 this year and they are 2 peas in a pod!

Happy first day girlies!!!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

NEW @ The Etsy Shop!!!

New @ Mary Martha & Co. ... Pencil Cup Holders!!

Aren't these cute? What a great addition to your counter top or gift for your child's teacher this year for Christmas!

This is the only fabric I have listed in the shop right now, but if you see another fabric for any of the other items we can use them . The holders have white or black tops .. we will use whatever goes with your fabric choice best.

So email me or hop over to the shop and order one right now!

{Local Delivery available}


Thursday, August 6, 2009

9o free labels over @ POLKA DOT MOM BLOG

Surf over to the Polka Dot Mom Blog and check out this great giveaway! Ashley has some amazing cute designs to sass up your mail!!!! {Go ahead and take a peak .. I know you want to!!}

Ashley of AKM Designs would like you to get to know her custom address stamp and label shop, so she is giving one lucky winner from Polka Dot Mom three free sheets of 1.5" labels (that's 90 labels). Awesome! (Don't you LOVE the zebra big dot address label above?

This new mom (she has a 4-month-old daughter) from Levelland, Texas has a degree in graphic designs. Ashley began her business making invitations for friends and family as AC Invitations on Etsy. After the birth of her daughter, Ashley wanted to bring her daughter's name as well as her husband's name into the company because of their inspiration and support, so she opened AKM Designs. Her new shop brings affordable labels to market that people can use to create "beautiful mail".

When you see Ashley's designs, you'll know what she means by "beautiful mail". Oh my goodness, these are so original and lovely. She is very talented and I am so tickled to share her shop with you.

For this giveaway, Ashley has come up with a bunch of easy and fun ways for you to enter (up to four entries - oh yeah!).

Visit Ashley's shop and here's how you can enter (please leave a new comment to this post for each separate entry over at Polka Dot Mom ):
  • Inside her Etsy shop, click "Add seller to favorites" (one entry - tell me below)
  • Pick your favorite label design in her shop and tell me (one entry)
  • Tell your blog readers about this fantastic giveaway, then come back here and leave a comment below with your blog post link (one entry)
  • For extra credit, become a follower of Ashley's blog at (one entry)

This giveaway for three sheets of 1.5" cirlce labels personalized just for you in your favorite design will end on Wednedsay, August 12th (the day my daughter starts kindergarten) at 12:00 am PST.

Good luck!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trash to Teasure

I went to "LODO Land" this weekend in Wilmington for the twins' half year birthday party. Anyhow, on the way down I was on the phone with Lori aka LODO and she tells me about these great, but ugly chairs she found a neighbor throwing out that morning. She told me once I arrived we would paint them and recover the seats and they would become fabulous!!

So as promised within 5 minutes {seriously} of arriving we are in the back yard spraying these UGLY BROWN chairs. {Wish I I had a pre picture before the paint, but the camera was still in the car} She already had the paint and the fabric picked out before I got there. {she has a thing these days for zebra print .... well she has for a very long time now ... and she uses it very well I might add .... wait till you see her girls' room ... that will be a later post}

So chairs are painted to a t before bedtime that night and I covered the seats the next day while she had the kiddos all down at the beach. {I went fabric shopping while they were gone, grocery shopped, fixed dinner for the next night (baked spaghetti) and finished the chairs}

Didn't they turn out cute!!! I was so jealous and REALLY wanted to bring them home with me , but I lost that battle and now am in search of some UGLY CHAIRS for myself!!!

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

This was my weekend

need i say more?

{actually we had an awesome time, but i just love this crazy picture the best out of all that i took!}


Monday, August 3, 2009


thursday, august 6th @ 6pm
@ my house in murfreesboro

leave the kiddos @ home & sneak out for some gossip time

with the girls and

come see all the new creative memories items as well!

the consultants have just come back from convention so

there is so much to see!

new digital items & traditional scrapping items as well.

*** if you can't come on thursday stop by

friday, august 7th starting @ 10 am

until we feel like leaving for some "scrapping time!"

bring your stuff and scrap with me. we can see if we

can't get our albums "caught up"

{or is that actually possible?}

ps.. let me know if you need directions &

I will email them to you! :)


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