Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can I get a Wooooo and a Whooooo!

I have been going through a little bit of a withdraw since finishing the Twilight series .... unable to commit to another series or a new book ... just really missing Edward and Bella .... wishing I was still reading them even though I was so excited to finally get to the ending!

Well, just 3 minutes ago I saw the best commercial ... the Twilight movie is being released next Saturday, March 21st!!!

ALL RIGHTY BABY!!! Give me a wooo and a whooo! I have not seen the movie .. really debating on whether I would watch it or not, but since I am missing these crazy characters ... I am actually excited to see it ... and in my own living room .... if I get my hubby to show me how to use the new DVD player before he heads out of town .... yes ... a weekend at home and I will be the only boss around. :) Can't wait .... 6 days!


Judi said...

Mary Elizabeth you need to visit us at SDV in Newport News if the hubby is going to be gone. I did not get into that book. I heard it was good. Have fun watching the movie!!

Kyleen said...

The movie is good - captures in your mind what Edward, Bella, and Jacob should be like. It is GREAT. I can't wait to purchase a copy to watch it again. Right now one of the blogs I read is in the process of tracking down the cast in Canada - last time she met bella and jacob!


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