Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's Raining Gumballs!

I got this great idea from Kristi .. this is one of her traditional end of the year things she does for her girl's teachers and I just love it!!! This year I remembered to do and am so excited to pass them out this next week. I gave them to Maddie's YMCA Swim Team Coaches last week and they loved them so I can't wait to take them to SA this week - shh! Don't tell anyone that I am bringing them because it is a surprise and also a new tradition for us! Yippee! Thanks Kristi!!

A great gift to say thank you without breaking the bank and you can make them in advance and let them sit and wait for the delivery to be made. I also made them for the dance teachers! Perfect for any occasion!!!
PS .. Did I mention that I am SO ADDICTED to gumballs now? I chew and sew and stitch and chew all day long - All because of Kristi!!! :)


Monday, May 4, 2009

The Tent

My friend Meg over at the WHATEVER Blog, posted about her craft room . (Oh how I would love to play at her house!!!) She is a Crafty Momma!! I love her blog and find it very inspirational! Click over and see her.

Anyhow , she posted about a TENT she is going to make for her daughters and I told her I would post the one I have recently put up for Maddie.
It is still in the works because I want to do something around the top to coordinate with her valance that I have not made yet.
If you don't have a tent .... watch this ... you just might need one for your princess afterwards!!!

What a great movie ... I feel the need to rent it SOON!!!!

Ballet Notecards .. For you little dancer or teacher

Dance Recital season is just around the corner. What are you going to take your
little twinkle toes?

These make a great gift for your little dancer or their teacher. Sweet and simple!Great way to say thank you for hours of class time.

10 Notecards, personalized with child or teacher's name for $10.
Shipping $4.50 or Local Delivery Available
Choose from the dancer or slippers.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

My New Love

I have a new love .. shhh , don't let my husband!! Well, actually he probably already knows, but would never admit it. He probably thinks I am just nuts .... and I am ... nuts about these sand pails!!

Last month for Easter I made one for Maddie and then used 2 to put gifts in for a birthday party.

I mean how great? A gift , a sand pail with your name on it and a shovel to boot! How awesome!!! Not to mention stinkin' cute!!!

I am thinking about listing them in my ETSY Shop .. what do you think? Definately going to list the decals if you would rather grab just a decal and get your own pail.

Is it just me or are you in love with them too????

Grab some shrink wrap and ribbon and you have got an awesome way to wrap up a gift for someone! I'd be excited if I received a gift that cute!!!!!

PS ...... this is a picture of the gift enclosure cards I made and attach to them. They are just as cute as the pails!!!


Wordless Wednesday


New Bed!

Biscuit used to sleep underneath this potting table when she was MUCH smaller pup!!! Now her tiny hinney (which still is tiny) cannot get under it so she has taken to sleeping on the tower shelf!!!

I usually have these great different sized grapevine balls that sit under here in the summer .... guess they will have to find a new home or stay in my closet this year. (Of course that is probably smart because otherwise they might end up as a lunch or toy or both! She is a lab!!!)

I could not resist sharing this with you.

(Biscuit is now 6 1/2 months old)



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