Monday, February 18, 2008

The Fancy Nancy Party Was Fabulous!

What an extrodinary afternoon it was!!! All the girlies showed up in their own versions of their fanciest clothing .... we had tinkerbell, princesses, sunday best and then topped it off with a boa and beads.

We started off reading the Fancy Nancy book and then headed off for some fun filled activities which included make up, painting nails, making butterflies, coloring & making beaded bracelets. We had so much to do that we really could have had the party last an extra hour.

The girls had fun making parfaits after we opened presents.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Creative Outlet ... New Name & New Blog!!

My friend Megan from Creative Outlet Designs has moved to a new blogspot . As usual she is amazing! Take a minute to
checkout her new blog

Lover Bug Day Is Almost Here!!

Two more Days till the little LOVE BUG arrives!!!

I found these cute toppers at ... they are so cute. They are listed under What's New or Digital Scrapbooking or Graphic Designs.

We did these for Maddie's class and I can't wait to take them to school ... I just love them!

So Happy Lover Bug Day to you all and may your day be filled with hugs & kisses!

xoxox ... M.E. :)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Birthday Time Is Almost Here!!

The invitations have been sent and the planning is being fine tuned!

Saturday is the big day .. our first real, honest to goodness birthday party with LOTS of friends!

I must be out of my mind , but there are 15 little ladies headed over to get fancy!! I have several things planned to do with the help of Fancy Nancy! I am so excited to see Maddie's face tomorrow night when I give her the newest Fancy Nancy book at our family dinner.

I can't wait for all the little girls to get all dressed ,made up and nails done this next weekend. Should make for lots of fun times and memories! I bet we have a room filled with lots of little giggles. Stay tuned for some Fancy Nancy .... fancy pictures!!!

Bracelets With Sass!

I just wanted to share with you all this amazing designer I found on Ebay ... LillyEllen . Check her out .... She has these amazing fringe bracelets with buttons and all sorts of neat things!!

She designed a special bracelet for my daughter's 6th birthday based on the character of
Fancy Nancy ... a sassy, frilly & fancy little girl who wants everyone around her to be as fancy as she is. Such a cute story!!

Karey Pressler, the owner behind the scenes of LillyEllen has turned into a family affair. They do a marvelous job ... take a minute to check out all their creations!!


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