Thursday, August 28, 2008

My Baby Is So Smart!!!

My baby had her first spelling test today in the first grade .. and she made 101% A+!!!
We are so proud of her!! I just had to share.

The Door Has Arrived!!!!

Our door arrived earlier this week and we are patiently waiting the arrival
of our fairies!! I saw one today while I was cleaning.
I guess they were checking us out before
actually moving their stuff in. I have a feeling they might arrive
this weekend sometime.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of First Grade!!

Today Maddie started First Grade! YIKES!!!
(Where has the last 3 years gone since we started at the Academy?)
Anyhow, we have the MOST amazing teacher this year .. Ms. Fetherolf!!

(Of course we will REALLY MISS Mrs. Best .. last year was super
awesome & Maddie had no intesions of moving up when school got out because
she loves her some Mrs. Best .. she said it all summer ... "I'm not moving up, I
am staying with Mrs. Best in Kindergarten. I want to be held back!")
BUT .. thankfully .. she has moved on, but did check in on Mrs. Best before
heading to her class & probably will most days. LOL!

We are super psyched to have Ms. Fetherolf & we know that she
will make all of us extra smart by the end of the
year... even Mommy & Daddy .. tee hee he!

So ......... GO RAIDERS!!!

Last Day of Summer!

Well, we squeezed in as much as we could on the last days of summer. Miss Jennifer had Madison come sleep over Monday night with Brooke ... something we have been trying to get done all summer ... ha! We finally did it and the girls had a blast. Then Brooke came
over all day Tuesday and we took her with us to "meet" Madison's teacher and check out her school. Madison was so psyched to share this with her best friend. Then we finished the day off with some time at the pool .. which has become of favorite place this
summer & we have spent A LOT of time there!!! Now the school year
is staring us in the face .. such a
scary thought ... First Grade & "REAL" homework!

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Faries are coming and their doors are opening!

(the owner of Red Shoes in Ann Arbor next to her fairy door)

This weekend I stumbled across a really neat blog .... and I admit I am addicted to roaming from one to another. I just cannot seem to help myself!

This particular one Simply-Me had the neatest post about "Fair Doors" that are in Ann Arbor, Michigan. The post sucked me in and caused me to surf the internet until I had spent a few hours glued to the laptop. tee-hee-he

Anyhow, these sweet "Fairy Doors" have popped up all over Ann Arbor to welcome the arrival of the fairies ... at people's places of business and their homes as well. The tooth fairy even took up at one the dentist's office!

I ordered a book "Who's Behind the Fairy Doors" by Jonathan B. Wright. I am patiently waiting its arrival and also praying maybe a fairy will want to move in with us! (wink, wink)

So if you are interested in learning more about these fairies and their arrivals check out

Watch for fairy doors and dust arriving at homes near you! :)


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