Thursday, March 5, 2009

Greater Than or Less Than?

Hmmmm? Which way does it go? I can never remember.

Thankfully I am only having to do 1st grade math and I guess my daughter's teacher KNOWS I don't know this ... because she used this super cute way to help the children (and all the Mommies helping with homework) this great way to remember which is which.

The dark green alligator is greater than and the light green alligator is less than. What a cute idea. Thanks Ms. Fetherolf for this .... math is not my strong suit unless it involves a calculator!



Judi said...

That is very clever!

Jamie's Block said...

the way i do it is the open mouth ALWAYS eats the bigger number..and instead of alligators i used pac

Blue Castle said...

Very cute alligators. I do what Jamie's Block said - the mouth is always eating the biggest number. :) But I did have to stop and think about it just the other day...maybe I'm getting old.

Wendy said...

very cute math technique. I can't wait to meet you at blogger Blast, I made your Name tag this morning!

Shari said...

What a great idea.......It makes learning fun for the kids!


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