Sunday, August 30, 2009

My Assistant

Meet my Assistant - Molly The Black Lab! She's not quite as cute as Julie's Assistant over at Joy's Hope, but she is amazingly cuddly and always agrees with whatever I have to say!

Yes, I said Black Lab - Maddie named her that! we watched her being born and the first words out of Maddie's mouth were "Look Momma, DC had a Black Lab!" Thanks to those sweet words of a then just turned 4 year old she instantly became ours! {Thanks Sally & Daddy}

Anyhow, Molly loves to sew or at least she thinks she does. Sometime I have to run her off to finish projects because she will come lay right in the middle of the sewing table or crawl up in my lap and want to stick her paws up at the running needles! She has even been known to crawl on top of the embroidery machine . {Who is named Daphne!}

Well, yesterday she was in full force ... but searching for a resting spot ... which ended up being inside the fabric cabinet ... even though Maddie had made her a little hidey hole under the table with her.

So what sort of silly things does your Asst. do for you?

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Judi said...

My assistant likes to help me type on the computer. I have posted about her before.

Wendy said...

Very Cute, at least you don't have to pay her much!!


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