Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Trash to Teasure

I went to "LODO Land" this weekend in Wilmington for the twins' half year birthday party. Anyhow, on the way down I was on the phone with Lori aka LODO and she tells me about these great, but ugly chairs she found a neighbor throwing out that morning. She told me once I arrived we would paint them and recover the seats and they would become fabulous!!

So as promised within 5 minutes {seriously} of arriving we are in the back yard spraying these UGLY BROWN chairs. {Wish I I had a pre picture before the paint, but the camera was still in the car} She already had the paint and the fabric picked out before I got there. {she has a thing these days for zebra print .... well she has for a very long time now ... and she uses it very well I might add .... wait till you see her girls' room ... that will be a later post}

So chairs are painted to a t before bedtime that night and I covered the seats the next day while she had the kiddos all down at the beach. {I went fabric shopping while they were gone, grocery shopped, fixed dinner for the next night (baked spaghetti) and finished the chairs}

Didn't they turn out cute!!! I was so jealous and REALLY wanted to bring them home with me , but I lost that battle and now am in search of some UGLY CHAIRS for myself!!!

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Kelly said...

Oh how I wish I had just an ounce of your talent!!! Love, love the chairs!!!

Shari said...

I LOVE the chairs.......some people have such a creative eye!


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