Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ellie Gets The Boot .... From The Backpack!

It's officially Ellie's 2nd day out of the backpack! She has been home the last 2 days of school and snoozing away while Madison has been at school. If you know Madison , then you know that is odd seeing how Ellie has made the trip to school EVERYDAY of this child's life to school, playgroup, church or wherever since the day she was born!!!

Madison received Ellie as a gift from her Daddy the day she was born! You used to be able to pull her trunk and she played a lullaby, which was so awesome and then one day the trunk stopped working and I thought life as we knew it was over! We even had Miss Pam order another Ellie, but she is only Elie #2 and just would not do the trick!!

Anyhow, Madison proclaimed on her way out the door yesterday that she thought she could be brave and go to school without Ellie ... and that she did!!! She told me Ellie could stay home and be with me now because she was a big girl who can now read. (Great! Just what I wanted to
hear , my 6 year -old is a big girl who no longer needs a lovie! Break my heart into a other million pieces!) Daddy is very excited about this because he has feared for the last 3 years old "BIG" school Ellie would get damaged or lost so he is tickled! Me, well just another thing to get used to and thankfully I am over the "Back-To' School" blues so maybe having Ellie at home won't be so bad. Molly the "Black-Lab Cat" seems to think it is great because she has a snuggle bug to be with now!

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Kelly said...

Love the new layout! I can finally comment on your blog! Before it would tell me stack overflow. Have no idea what that means!


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