Monday, September 8, 2008

Confusion? Possibly!

Have I ever confused anybody? .... YES ... and I don't doubt it!!! So let me clear it up.
A few people have asked me "WHO" this Mary Martha person is ... it's me!
Mary Elizabeth ... but I thought you were Little Bits of Me? "Why , yes
I am ... I am one in the same!"

I started out a few years back as Little Bits of Me and I still have my regular website up and running .... and locally you probably know me as that.

Then ETSY opened up and I started there as Mary Martha .... aka a nickname my hubby's aunt gave me. She said I was a little Martha Stewart .. always into crafts and starting a new project .... hence the birth of Mary Martha....

Should I roll my 2 crazy sites up into one? Probably, but what fun would that be? Both are established sites and what better way to add a little more craziness to my already mixed up and going all directions at once life than to get to be 2 different people! (snicker)

So right here at the Mary Martha & Co. Blog site .... you can get information about about both places & my crazy life!!

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