Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yellow Spiders?

I know spiders come in all shapes and sizes , but I have never seen a yellow one till this mornig. I was taking my time about coming inside after the run to the bus .. not wanting to start on my days work so I decided to hang out with Molly the "Black Lab Cat" and Toby the "Yellow Lion" from next door , but to make me feel better I decided to deadhead the rose bushes so that I would not feel so gulity about spending that time outside in the cool breeze.

In the mist of the deadheading .... I saw this yello0w spider on my favorite bush. (It was given to me by a student & their family as an end of the year gift when the child was 4 years old ... and he is now in about the 8th or 9th grade!! It's been the best bush I have ever planted as well!!) Anyhow, I raced inside for the camera because I had to share this amazing spider with everyone since we are fast approaching Halloween and all of it's spookiness!

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