Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday to ME! (2days early!)

This Sunday is my birthday .. a whopping 39 this year! Well, tonight my husband came home with a box tonight and plopped it on the kitchen table AND my bestest friend LODO sent me a box in themail as well. Her box had strict instructions not to open hr box till I had opned all my other gifts! Hmmm?

So Miss Maddie Paddie just could not wait to open my gifts - truth is neither could I! I hate waiting to open surprises - never have been very good at it. So twist my arm - my hubby wasn't much help and was like "You just might wanna go ahaead and open."

What the heck!!

OH MY!!! Low and behold .. a NOOK!!!! I would have never guessed it!!! So as I sit here and blog I am waiting patienly for it to charge so I can start using it. Ya' gotta have it fully charged before the thing will work - so I am having to wait!!!! AHHHH!!

My Hubby is the best!! This is the 2nd surprise of the week!! Wednesday afternooin he calls me ..

Him : "What ya' doing?"

Me : "Um, at school in the Library cleaning up, why?"

Him : "You want an early birthday gift?"

Me : "Uh, sure I guess."

Him  :  "I called Mr. Pulley and he is coming to fix your kitchen."

(aka .. getting new custom cabinets and countertops!!"


Him : "Yup, missed him by 2 days starting next week, but he will start in April! So get your colors picked and a countertop!"

Me : "REALLY?"

Him : "YUP! Happy Birthday!!"

(I am so excited, because I really don't like my kitchen!! Especially since the whole house was painted this fall except for the kitchen! The cabinets don't stay shut! There isn't a pantry. Oh I can't wait!!!)
What's the best birthday gift your hubby has surpised you with?



Wendy said...

Happy Birthday one Day early! Let us know how you love the Nook! Very Cool. And girl you gotta post before and after of your kitchen! I just went with my mom to pick out her new kitchen! Your a lucky young lady! Hope you have a Great Birthday!

Michele said...

Happy Birthday girlie! Hope it's been a great day! Wow..what wonderful bday gifts! Sounds like you have an awesome hubbie:-) Can't wait to see pics of your new kitchen!


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