Tuesday, February 9, 2010

You're Invited

Our school's annual even is coming up and you are all invited!
Even if you are not an "Antique" nut this year we have brought in some art dealers of different sorts. I can't wait!
And if you aren't in a buying mood - come for some amazing food!!!!
(My tummy can't wait!!!)

P.S. - I got to design this postcard that went out this year, the posters that are up in the community and the cover and back cover of the program - was exciting & stressful all rolled up into one big package!

So what do you think??



Wendy said...

I love it great job. I went to this event a long long time ago, may have to come this year and check it out!

Michele said...

I am hoping to get out there! You did a wonderful job on the posters!


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