Friday, February 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Stinkbug .. just a little late!


My sweet, sassy little stinkbug turned 8 .. LAST FRIDAY! Yes I am a little late in wishing this to her publicly, but have thought about  it so many times it isn't funny.  (Life has been getting in the way of posting and I just need to figure a better system for blogging than in my head!)

Her friendly Christmas Elf, Lilly has hung out a little bit longer than she was suppose to .. but Maddie had begged her to stay through her birthday and our as well. (See all three of us have a February birthday!!!) So since she stayed she had gifts for her when she got home from school that day as well!! :)

She cried that she wanted to stay 7, but as we all know that just ain't happening! She has since gotten over that and is embracing her 8-ness!

So we shall continue to celebrate birthday the rest of the month right till the end!

Happy Birthday My Dear Sweet Baby Girl!!!

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