Sunday, June 22, 2008

Isn't She a Cuteie?

Take a look at my little lady ... doesn't she just look so cute for church? Well, she actually looks extra cute due to the fact that the dress she is wearing is MINE!!! No not one I made on my trusty machine, but a dress I actually wore when I was just about her age.

My Mom is he queen of saving it for her children's children to have and use. I can't begin to tell you the special clothing and what nots she pulls out for our children ... especially for Maddie since I was the first child and she is the first grandchild.

A dear lady, who is now deceased, Mrs Sweeney, gave me this dress with a sweet black patent leather purse. Her dog bit me on the tiny hinny and on my hand one day when I went over to take her and her husband pictures of their house I had taken. They had the prettiest dog woods across the front of their house and I had a new camera. (All the neighbor's got pictures of their homes that year.)

They had a German Shepard, x-police dog, named Shebba. Well, we were all all afraid of the dog so we ALWAYS called before we went over. Miss Shebba actually stood up and opened the front door and ran out for a little taste of me. Nothing major happened .... I just have been scared for a life time whenever I see a German Shepard.

Anyhow, the Sweeney's bought me the dress and purse from a high end store, Garfinkles at Tyson's Corner. (I'm not even sure that they are still open anymore.) This was my prize I won after being snack food that afternoon . So thank you Mrs. Sweeney for being so sweet to me after your dog tried to eat me and than you Mema for taking the time to preserve our past to share with our little bits of the future!!

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