Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Inspector Is In ....

The Inspector says I pass .... and yes .. that is my cat!! As many of my sewing friends know .. Molly .. aka the "Black Lab Cat" as she was dubbed the day she was born ... thinks she can sew!!

For some reason she is amazed when I am in here creating this or that ... although I think she just likes the thread!! She has climbed up on top of the
PR 600II while I have been threading so she can help! Of course I have caught her in there checking things out even when I am not using it and I have the pictures to prove it!!

I just wanted to share her inspecting my work this morning after I finished a bag for my neighbor's daughter. She climbed right in while I was trying to get the back off.

Carla ... I thought you would get a kick out of it!! This one is for you!

smooches to Texas!! :)

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