Monday, June 30, 2008

Hissy Fit!!!!

No . it's not me pitching the hissy fit .... this time!
It's Keeley Murdock.

I finished up this amazing book by
Mary Kay Andrews time morning about
2 a.m.!! YES!! I had a little less than half left and everyone turned in early so I snuggled down to find out the conclusion of this crazy life of Keeley's and all the events that have been uncovered in her hometown of
Madison, GA.I was hook line and sinker .. that is a fact!!

Here's a quick introduction :

Interior decorator Keeley Rae Murdock has designed her life,or so she thinks she has. What she never figured on was discovering her fiancé, A.J. Jernigan, sneaking around with her maid of honor in the middle of her rehearsal dinner. She pitches a hissy fit that reverberates through her tiny hometown of Madison, Ga., and captures the attention of Will Mahoney, a newcomer who recently purchased an antebellum plantation house.

We are off to the library in a little while to pick up another one of
Mary Kay Andrew's books. When I find an author I really like-love ... I want to try to read everything they have written. Of course that means once I am finished I go into the blues because I am finished. HA!

Head to your library today and have a "hissy fit" of your own .. of course quietly!! :)

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