Friday, June 27, 2008

Ready , Set ..... JUMP!

It has been so hot here all week ... inching up to 100 today! So we have hit the pool everyday this week after Bible School.

All the kiddos from the neighborhood have been there as well .. which of course makes for a good time had by all!

It amazes me how much Maddie has grown in the last year, but the pool really confirms this fact when I see her swimming ... EVERYWHERE .... WITHOUT ME! Last year I had to be in the pool right by her side. She had just started to blossom by the end of the summer in her swimming skills ... but of course still wanted you right there.

This year she is swimming like a little guppy everywhere while I sit by and watch. It just amazes me each day.

As they all grow a little bit each day and need us less and less (cry, sniff, sniff)..... this just makes me the Mommy & Taxi Driver ... OH YEAH .... and the Money Spitter!!!

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