Monday, May 4, 2009

The Tent

My friend Meg over at the WHATEVER Blog, posted about her craft room . (Oh how I would love to play at her house!!!) She is a Crafty Momma!! I love her blog and find it very inspirational! Click over and see her.

Anyhow , she posted about a TENT she is going to make for her daughters and I told her I would post the one I have recently put up for Maddie.
It is still in the works because I want to do something around the top to coordinate with her valance that I have not made yet.
If you don't have a tent .... watch this ... you just might need one for your princess afterwards!!!

What a great movie ... I feel the need to rent it SOON!!!!

1 comment:

Simply Me... said...

Okay i just love that and I need to see that movie too... Have fun in your tent:)



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