Sunday, May 3, 2009

My New Love

I have a new love .. shhh , don't let my husband!! Well, actually he probably already knows, but would never admit it. He probably thinks I am just nuts .... and I am ... nuts about these sand pails!!

Last month for Easter I made one for Maddie and then used 2 to put gifts in for a birthday party.

I mean how great? A gift , a sand pail with your name on it and a shovel to boot! How awesome!!! Not to mention stinkin' cute!!!

I am thinking about listing them in my ETSY Shop .. what do you think? Definately going to list the decals if you would rather grab just a decal and get your own pail.

Is it just me or are you in love with them too????

Grab some shrink wrap and ribbon and you have got an awesome way to wrap up a gift for someone! I'd be excited if I received a gift that cute!!!!!

PS ...... this is a picture of the gift enclosure cards I made and attach to them. They are just as cute as the pails!!!



Michele said...

I LOVE these too!!!! So CUTE!!! I have got to keep you in mind for my next kid bday that I attend! I think they would also be cute for a baby gift and fill with baby stuff:-)))) You do the CUTEST stuff!

Wendy said...

Absolutely Adorable!

Kelly said...

I'm in love with them too! They are just too cute!!! I'm going to have to keep you in mind for our next party!

Michele said...

Hi Mary! How much are you charging for these? If you want you can just send me an email at

Donielle said...

They are really cute! Great job!

Judi said...

Very Very Cute!!


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