Thursday, April 30, 2009

New Child's Tumbler Listed!!!

I listed tonight a new item in my ETSY Shop .. this awesome child's tumbler!!! It's 8 oz of sheer sassy sweetness!!! All for only $9.50.

Super gift and easy to mail to any of your gal pals for their little prince or princess or just snatch one up for your little royal one.

I only have the pink polka dot listed right now ... BUT I have tons of fabric to sift through and will list more very soon. Just email me and I can zip you back a picture of fabric swatches.



Michele said...

These are adorable! You have any boy fabrics?

Judi said...

Very cute!!

Kelly said...

cute, cute, cute!!!!

Shari said...

I love it......makes me wish I had a little girl.....hmmm.....adoption?????


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