Monday, April 13, 2009

My Funny Bunny

My little "funny bunny" isn't so little anymore ... sigh ... but with being the bigger bunny come a little more responsiblity.

We went to and Egg Hunt/Birthday Party for Elizabeth and Molly this past weekend. Our girlies are turning 1 year and 3 years .. seriously where does the time go?

Maddie was not real sure at fisrt about going because she knew she would be the oldest "bunny" there BUT once she found out the Easter Bunny would be hopping by she was cool with going and helping the "baby bunnies" out. With this she took it upon herself to egg hunt for Molly , who was turning only one! (Was so cute because we all know a one year old could careless about anything except laughing and being happy ... no eggs neccessary!)

The party was great! The "Daddy Bunny" cooked up an amazing meal for all the other "Parent Bunnies" Let's just say .. yummy in my tummy!

I am convinced Maddie would have been a great big sis .. she was so helpful at the party. She egg hunted for Molly and we all know a one year old could careless if her basket was filled, but Maddie was bound and determined it would be. She helped Elizabeth with her bunny ears and with her lunch. She even played ball with the boys and held some of the little ones (she was in heaven since I am always telling her NOT to pick anyone up!!)

She was tickled blue that Miss Jenifer asked her to hold Bannon for the pictures ... of course I thought Miss Jennifer was nuts since Bannon is only 16 weeks old!

Trying to get everyone together for a picture with the Easter Bunny! What a job!!

Maddie helping Ebeth with her ears at lunch.

My "bunny" waiting her turn to bat and swinging with all her might. Thanks Tommy , I know you must have pitched that ball 1,000 times to the kiddes that day.
Sarah, the decorations were great!! Simple, sweet and perfect!!!


Michele said...

Awww...what great pics! And Maddie was such a BIG help it looks like! And what cute decorations! Looks like it was a FUN time by all!

Judi said...

Very cute!! I love the table colors. What a great looking Easter Bunny!!

Simply Me... said...

Wow what a cool party you had looks like alot of fun:) TY for grabing my badge! Have a good day...


Julie @ Joy's Hope said...

Hi! Thanks so much for adding to Mr. Linky. I know it is sort of tricky. I wasn't sure which link you wanted... could you redo it? Thanks! I don't want to miss it.


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