Monday, July 19, 2010

School La La!

Last week I attacked my new classroom - yup - for those who don't know it - I am going back to work! FULL TIME!!!

Yes- I am the new Lower School Art Teacher at Southampton Academy!!!! OOO-La-La!!!! I am also the New Library Asst 2 days a week as well!!! 

My 1st full time job since Maddie was 1 year old!!

I made my name up there and put on the door marker! :) Cute, huh?

Here is a quick glance at my mess!!! It actually looks better here than it did if that is believable- ha! I'll give you a better peek at it once it is all put together. It will take several more days. I got  a ton done because my little helper had gone out of town to see her Granny and Poppa for a few days - hope the rest of this can be done and she will be a helper and not just make me crazy!

More later!! :)

PS - I will still e running Mary Martha & Co on Etsy - just not on a regular basis - SO- if you need something just email me!!


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