Sunday, June 27, 2010

Now We're Cookin'

It's - almost done! All the major stuff is in and complete now - except the sink and hooking up the dishwasher! (Hopefully that will happen this week - no sink sucks!)

I am so psyched!!!! It is so beautiful!!! Even my Daddy loves it and he was totally not sold on the colors when I picked them out - now he wants to tear up his kitchen - ha!

The one thing left to do is get stools - I ordered them before the island was in and the ones I got are too tall :(
(See the one next to door - too tall. Short stool was for the desk part which is right behind the tall stool)

So will be ordering new stools just like the tall one, but shorter version - ONLY PROBLEM is Madison and JE want the little stools with no backs and I want backs. Hmmm? Now I am so confused- LOL!!! Just a problem, right? Well I have waited so long and want it all so right!

Will post more pictures later of all the cool things that are hidden behind those cabinet doors!

Enjoy your sneak peek!!

Can't wait to have everyone over after the other rooms are put back together! :)


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