Sunday, June 13, 2010

Kitchen Update

This is my life since MARCH!!!! Yeah, you heard right!!! MARCH!!!

I still have no cabinets, BUT am suppose to get those installed this coming Friday!!! It can't get here fast enough either!!!

Of course I am tickled to death, but we still have several hurdles ---- floor to be measured for the new flooring, flooring installed, counter tops measured, counter tops installed, the appliances delivered and hooked up and then the touch up paint, shoe molding and crown molding!

So as I hit the big hurdle Friday there are several more to come which I pray will be speedier than the cabinets!

So this week I shall clean out the kitchen to make room for my lovely cabinets and clean out the old sewing room which will then become our family room.

Wonder where all the mess will go???

So busy week cleaning and trips to the pool sandwiched in there as well.

Maybe in a few weeks I will be able to actually cook and pull out the real dishes again!! Yes we have used paper plates and plastic utensils since March as well!


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