Friday, April 2, 2010


What a great week that is coming up .... Spring Break! Hope everyone has a great week, gets lots done, takes a day to sleep late and stay in your jammies all day with the kiddos! So if you get a chance this week - take it and make the most of your time off with your babes!!

Maybe I will get a chance to blog more .. so much is going on around here .. it's a crazy house and I have gone back to work .... YES! You read it right .... I went back to work this week FULL TIME! YIKES! Well, at least until the end of the school year. Our Library Asstistant went out on Maternity leave to get ready to have our newest "Little Raider"!!! I can't wait for him to arrive so I can make him a special goodie .. she wouldn't give us initials or a name until she saw him for herself. Anyhow, I am now her until the end of the year. So far I have made it through a week and am ok, but so thankful for Spring Break so I can catch my breathe because we are still in the middle of the kitchen project! Yes, it is still going strong withlots still to do and it's already been a month! But the painting is done as of this afternoon .. now we wait.

So enjoy the weather and your time off if you are getting it.


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Wendy said...

Love the picture (spring-break) so Funny!! Hope you have a good week, the weather is suppose to be gorgeous!


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