Friday, April 23, 2010

Upside Down

Do you ever feel like you are just upside down and out of wack? That is how my life feels these days. I started back working - just till school gets out - on a long term sub spot at my daughter's school - LOVE IT!!! I think it's just everything else.

My kitchen is STILL torn apart and looking like it will be like that still for some time. NOTHING has a home in my home due to this!!! Stuff is everwhere and I have not a clue where to start to look for any of it - excpet - head for the barn ! My husband moved all the boxes from the garage to the barn Sunday!!!! So go look there - stop asking me where it is already. (Nellybelle our Jeep had been on vacay with Mema and Big Daddy in their carport and hubster HAD to get i back in the garage because there was pollen opn it!!! He never Mr. Lee would never let that happen so neither could he ... so home she is now and clean as a whistle!!!)

I think the kitchen has gotten the best of my nerves more than anything. I want to blog, but don't have the energy, but I should find some.

Hubster also has decided to go to the gym at 5am so he is up everyday (almost) at 4:45 to get there at 5am!! So my sleep is being so interupted these days. YUCK!

The laundry is piled high in the hallway - no matter how much I wash - where is it all coming from? Someone please tell me.

I grocery shopped at a different store than normal since it is now in my beaten path coming and going from school. WAS REALLY WERID!!!

Did I meantion the kitchen? UGH! It is such a mess that it is worth mentioning a 2nd time!

I just am not feeling myself these days - Can you tell?


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