Sunday, June 7, 2009

You Spin Me Right Round Baby ... Right Round!

Is this not a too cute idea????

I think it is done with fabric and it is mod podged on there! I forget where I saw this, but I saved the picture to remember it. Am thinking about doing it in Maddie's room and maybe our kitchen!

SHHHH! Don't tell my hubby, he'll have a stroke! I'll do it on the side of the fan blade I like the least so if I ever have to switch it over I can, but what a clever idea!!!

Sure do wish I remember what blog I was on. Wonder if I bookmarked the blog?
HMMM? If I find it I'll let you know which one it was!



Wendy said...

This is very cool! I may have to try it! SSSHH don't tell my husband either he would have a fit!

Simply Me... said...

Wow that's :) sorry can't come to the party ! have fun



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