Friday, June 12, 2009

Tip Toe Through The Tulips

OK, so 2 weeks ago we had our first dance recital with the
Contemporary School of Dance in Courtland, VA , owned and operated by Carol Fox {a foxy dancer at that}

Not only does Carol have an amazing group of teachers for these girls, but Carol also made Maddie's classes Mexican Hat Dance costumes!!!! Sews and dances like an angel ... that's an amazing woman!

Maddie and her twinkly toe girlie Emma dressed and ready to dance to
"Why Are There So Many Sounds About Rainbows."
Maddie decked out in pink ... her favorite color .. how perfect?

Here's the rainbow ready to dance.

Maddie with Allie & Mercer. I was totally impressed with the daces the older girls did. You looked great girlies!!!

The theme of the Show was Calendar Girls ... and here is May with a Mexican Hat Dance ... See these are the costumes Carol made ... awesome aren't they?

The show was amazing! We loved every minute of it. All the girls rocked!!!

Thanks for an awesome year of dance Carol, Jeannie, Donna & Elaine!



Wendy said...

Look how sweet! I wish I had taken dance when I was young. The costumes are so great, Carol is so talented and the sweetest person, I wish I was as calm as she appears all the time.

Michele said...

I know the girls did great at their recital! They are all so beautiful!


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