Sunday, February 22, 2009

Happpy Birthday to ME ... Yesterday :)

Ok, yesterday was my birthday .. YEAH ME!!! except it does make me another year older .. rats! Anyhow, great day ... of course spent a little of it cleaning since we had a Premier Design Jewelery Party at my house.... small , but good times and lots of giggles with the girlies!

My daughter gave me herself as my card and her gift .... although she did "shop" at the party and Melinda gave me the list of things she "bought" me with her money .. SO SWEET!! My sweet hubby gave me some dough that on Monday I will promptly spend part of on my feet! Yes feet for a fabulous pedi that I deserve. :) We planned to go to the River for dinner and in the middle of getting ready my friend Debrah called and they just happen to be over in our neck of the woods so they went with us. Was super having another girl to chat with at dinner other than my little lady. Was so happy we got to hangout with her other than at swim practice or a meet. It was a great topper ta great day!

Also, all my friends on Facebook .. yes FB , thanks for all the birthday wishes! That was so cool. My phone beeped all day with messages from them. It's amazing what that birthday calendar produces on your Wall. I even got 2 emails from 2 didgital scrapbook sites that I am signed up on with birthday wishes and a free download. Like I said ... YEAH ME!!!

So today we are off to another birthday party ... which includes SKATING!!! What a great way to end my birthday weekend! :)

PS .... I still have 3 more birthdays to celebrate before we get out of February ... My hubby and friend Marinda are on Tuesday and my big sis "A" has a birthday on Thursday ... so lot's of cake left to eat .. which means lots more treadmill time is headed my way. ;)



Kelly said...

Happy Birthday!!!

paperdoll said...

Happy Birthday!!! Keep's your Birthday Month!!!

Blue Castle said...

Happy Birthday - belated, but I just found you (via your comment on my blog) and thought I'd pop over and "meet" you. :) Feb 21 is the best day of the year. :)


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