Monday, January 12, 2009

OMG! What a flashback day!

Yesterday I took Maddie to a birthday party .. a skating rink one! OMG! Yes, talk about a flashback to 4th grade and Friday night or Saturday afternoon at the skating rink! (Paula Keith .. you know what I am talking about!!)
It was amazing!!

I skated for 3 hours with the kiddos . Maddie was embarrassed and told me afterwards she wished I had stood on the side and talked to the other Mommies and be normal! I did talk to other Mommies .. while I was catching my breathe or grabbing a drink of water. So I apologize if I didn't talk to everyone as long as I should have, but I was having too much fun!

When I was younger I skated every chance I could get at my next door neighbor's house on their LONG paved driveway and my brothers rode their bikes. (We also played CHIPS on the driveway .. yes like the TV Show .. great times) They were great days!! I was obsessed with skating , twirling .. the whole nine yards.

So a HUGE thanks to the Arbour family for inviting Maddie to the party and allowing the parents to skate as well!! Also to my little skating partner Casey, who sang ALL the songs WORD FOR WORD as we skated hold hands around the rink, falling and laughing the whole time!


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Kelly said...

Sounds like you had a great time! Alyssa went to a skating party a couple of years ago and I attempted to akate. Needless to say, I sat my butt down! LOL


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