Wednesday, January 14, 2009

16 Random Thins .... Tag ... It's Your Turn!

OK , I read two of my friends' blogs .. Shelley & Donielle ... so now I feel compelled to share my "16 Random Things About Me" ..... so if you are reading this and your are a Blog World friend, it's your turn to post on your blog your 16 things. So here goes ...

1. I am obsessed with surfing the Internet to find fun things to do and make.

2. I have to check Blog World every morning after the bus has run ... I want to know what everyone is up to. I just can not help myself.

3. My husband thinks that I am "half Japanese" as he calls me because I love to take pictures .. of any and everything. You would think I am a tourist or something some days.

4. Yes, I love to take pictures, but my scrapbooks are amazingly far behind. My computer is cluttered with the storage of these pictures I take.

5. I enjoy my chats in the mornings at the bus stop with the other Mommies .. even if it is too cold to be outside and I have flip flops on.

6. I think we should be allowed to go out in public with our jammies on ... I rather stay in mine all day long than have to get dressed. Might explain the fact why I have so many matching sets of them and can never decide what to wear when I do leave the house. :)

7. I'd rather be barefoot of wear flip flops than any other kind of shoe. Guess that is why I own more Rainbow Flops than regular shoes. I buy a new color each season.

8. I actually enjoy getting up early even though I sometimes complain about it. I seem to get more done before the bus runs and before lunch if I get up at ... UGH ... 5 :30 a.m.

9. I love the idea of being organized, but never seem to get there 100%.

10. I love baskets .. lots of them! In almost every room. YIKES!

11. When I clean up my sewing room and put everything away .. I can't find it when I need it.

12. I LOVE those reality shows on MTV. I can't help myself. Probably because we never had cable growing up.

13. I almost always cry at some point during Grey's Anatomy .... I just get so caught up in it.

14. I keep all my Picture Christmas Cards up for a whole year until the new ones start coming in . I just love to see how much all the children have grown. Sometimes you don't realize it when you see them everyday until those cards arrive.

15. I love/hate the fact Maddie is growing up. I want to freeze her here at 6 years old before she can turn 7 next month. I want her to need me, but she really doesn't most day anymore .. except for a ride to swim team or dance! ;)

16. I really enjoy making "Cyber Gal Pals" in Blogland ... it's fun to share with these creative and crafty gals. Thanks for your cyber friendship!!!!

OK .............. so now it's your turn to post!!


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