Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of First Grade!!

Today Maddie started First Grade! YIKES!!!
(Where has the last 3 years gone since we started at the Academy?)
Anyhow, we have the MOST amazing teacher this year .. Ms. Fetherolf!!

(Of course we will REALLY MISS Mrs. Best .. last year was super
awesome & Maddie had no intesions of moving up when school got out because
she loves her some Mrs. Best .. she said it all summer ... "I'm not moving up, I
am staying with Mrs. Best in Kindergarten. I want to be held back!")
BUT .. thankfully .. she has moved on, but did check in on Mrs. Best before
heading to her class & probably will most days. LOL!

We are super psyched to have Ms. Fetherolf & we know that she
will make all of us extra smart by the end of the
year... even Mommy & Daddy .. tee hee he!

So ......... GO RAIDERS!!!

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Sandy Toes said...

Saw your comment on another post and decided to visit...your daughters teacher just looks nice and organized from the picture...hope she has a great year!
Sandy Toes at


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