Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Happy Birthday Big Daddy ..... MONDAY!

Happy Birthday Big Daddy!!!! He hit the big 7-3!!!! I didn't forget his birthday .. just to blog about it ... oops! Was waiting for pictures from cake & ice cream and then never got it posted when I got home. Sorry!

We did get to go out to lunch with him & Mema ... well Maddie & I did .. we had JE off at work! We went to LOS AMIGOS on Main Street here in Murfreesboro. A little salsa & chips .... yum ... keep the water coming though because the white salsa is a bit WARM!

May your next year be full of LESS drama & health issues, more fun
times, tractor riding & trips to meet with your fellas at coffee . We love you
tons & bunches!!!!!

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