Sunday, January 6, 2008

Goodies in the mail!!!

I have been waiting patiently all week for some special goodies to arrive that I ordered over the weekend off ETSY .... well they arrived today!! I was so excited!! It was definitely worth the wait.Tiffany at Max & Bella on ETSY .. you are the best!!!! I can't wait to tag an order this week with your fabulous tags and stickers!!! So everyone take a minute and check out her shop. She has super great designs and amazing prices and what a super topper to one of your amazing orders !!!

If you have not shopped on ETSY .... it's time for you to take a peek! There are some amazing women on there with great items for sale. I have been pleasantly surprised at what a wonderful response I have gotten on ETSY. The listing fees are amazing and I lobe that they stay up longer than my usual auction would stay up. Plus no auction templates which means I can get things listed so much faster than before. I also love the "WHO HEARTS ME" .. you can see who and how many people have stopped at your shop and have told you they like your stuff. I just think that is sort of neat.... and it gives you warm fuzzies!!!

So pop on over to ETSY and surf around and see what kind of goodies you can find!

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