Wednesday, July 24, 2013


First let me say I am beyond over the moon about this!!! 

Back in December my bestie Lodo and I threw out names in the lottery that Meg has for Craft weekend at her Craft House in Kansas. We thought it would be amazing to go sometime this year for Lodo's big 40th birthday!! NEVER in a million years would we have ever dreamed of being chosen!! Well, one day in April I got an amazing rainbow email saying that I had been accepted and there was also a space I could get for Lodo to come with me!


Now you have to know Lodo and I - we never talk on the phone even though we live over 3 hours away BUT we do text  A LOT! More than a lot. So when I called her she didn't answer the phone and I called it felt like 1,000 time before she picked up. We were both screaming on the phone and just wanted topinch one another!!

If you have no idea what Craft weekend is ... here are a few pictures to show the beauty of it all!

A room all set and ready to craft in!

Beautiful flowers and amazing details in each room of this fabulous house!!

Wonderful crafts to create!!!

Please take a peek over at Meg's amazing blog ....  WHATEVER ....  there is a sidebar link to all her past craft weekends and more information about how to participate in one of her craft weekends! 

I can't wait to share my own personal pictures of this trip!!! The pictures I have shown here are ones I got from Meg's site.

 I can't wait to go with Lodo to Kansas to meet Meg and her right hand lady Kimberly!!! 

Am counting down the days!! :) 

Leaving to meet Lodo in 22 days and in 23 days we hit Kansas!!! :)



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