Sunday, October 7, 2012

Let's Play ... PART 1

a little catch up - shall we?

The last 10 months have been a complete whirlwind! See we moved from NC to VA. Not really all that far - about 28 miles. We found a house right next to the school that M attends and that I teach at. When I say found - I mean right next door!!! We could walk to school, ride bikes or cut through the football field and BAM! There we are!!! So we sold our home at an incredible rate, packed and left NC, where I have lived since the fall of 1989 and my husband grew up. Bittersweet and exciting!!

So let me show you what we have been up to ...

pulled up all the bushes and cut down all the trees out front and had yard graded .. cause it wasn't a passing grade!!! so lots to do!! new mailbox , flag vinyl numbers on front door to start things out! ;)

biscuit made herself cozy in the sun room since it's the "girl's room" anyhow!

M started playing softball! 

Colonial Day for 4th grade - she was the baker lady and put her mema to work making biscuits for everyone to treat themselves to - they were amazing!!!

her "twin" as she calls him.  they are ying and yang - love each other one minute, hate other each  the next and then schemeing us Moms the next.  

they really are 2 peas in a pod!

the best gal pal - night and day and such a great fit as friends!!!! :)

made a quick trip to raleigh to see lauren oliver - we love her! she came to sa the year before when before i fall came out and delirium to speak to the students. well, we couldn't pass up a chance to see her and get a quick squeeze. she was promoting pandemonium - the 2nd book in her delirium trilogy. what a great afternoon we had seeing her and checking out quail ridge books - such a neat store!

this is our year of weddings ... lulabell , my sweet girl was our first bash in march ... she had the most beautiful flowers i think i have ever seen at a wedding in my life!

my bride and baby with my baby! where does the time go?
fabulous day! beautiful girls, lots of tears just on my end, great music - wonderful day!!!

hoppy easter little funny bunny!

mother's day my sweet hubby took us to eat here - per mema's request. oh my! the best meal i have had out 
in forever! WOW!!!

granny j came with us to dress rehearsal for the dance recital! :) she got the sneak peek this year.

time to pass out yearbooks.... so exciting since it was the first one i ever helped put together! it turned out pretty good if i do say so myself! i loved making the senior section a surprise for them!

we wrapped the boxes up for the lower school students - so they got big packages to unwrap after the dedication. :)


my 1st class of yearbook kiddos graduate! 

they are on their way to bigger and better things - man am i gonna miss their sweet and silly selves!!!

m went to camp for a week for the first time this summer. she had so much fun and made tons of friends!! {yes i was a tad lonely! i must admit!}

i had a visitor while m was at camp!! he was in a box i BROUGHT in the house! yep, it came in the house and we had a 2 day round before i finally won the fight! 
all i can say is - YUCK!

cousin sarah came to see us all the way from cozumel, mexico! she came and stayed with us for 10 days this summer in june. what an a amazing time we had!!

we took sarah to honeymoon hill to see aunt  and uncle - her cousins. I love going to the farm. this is the playhouse that belonged to my mom and her sister. we all played in it as well growing up. it was moved to the farm after my grandparents passed and all of our children have played in it as well. :)

my aunt and uncle have amazing green thumbs!!! the flowers at the farm are always amazing!! all different kinds! there is also just a cutting garden as well out back.

did i mention that the farm used to be a dairy farm in it's day? well, they rent out the land still to local farmers and the cows just happen to be out and were nice enough to pose for us!

happy father's day! this is one of our "DAD" pictures we did. we do them every year. one picture for each letter. this year we did all our animals with M. this is phantom who took up on our front porch after we moved. she sort of belongs to our back door neighbors, but now lives under my fern on porch sofa. sweet as pie!

we tee-ed it up on the hottest day of the summer for a special guest. i drove the golf cart and took pictures all afternoon!

yep - lodo made a special appearance the weekend the olympics started and she wanted to play golf - so she, je and m played - like i said i drove! was sooooo hot!!

 summer was filled with more softball ...


i took tons and tons of pictures of all the girls ...

 here's m - at short stop

 ok ... so stayed tune .. there's more to come ... at least you can see ... we really didn't fall all the way off the face of the earth ... just part way! ;)


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