Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Giving Tree

I sit here and wonder - Where did the school year go??? I have been longing for summer time to arrive so we could sit at the pool with our friends that we rarely see during the school year due to busy schedules - and it hits me - 4 more school days including today and we can do that! YIKES!!!!

We have survived 2nd grade by the seat of our pants! Lots has happened this year at our house - the list is lengthy - I am working, Maddie has tutored endless hours, we have spent even more hours on the road, dance classes, swim team,co-chairing the Art & Antique Show at school,  the kitchen which is still torn apart, hubby on the road for work several days a week - the list could keep going and maybe will on around post.

So my dear friend Courtney has come up with this great end of the year gift - A Giving Tree!!! Or plant rather!!! It was in the May issue of Family Fun for all the directions. Basically everyone gives a gift card to somewhere and you put it in the paper flowers for the teacher and tuck it in a small plant. Each flower has a small pocket on the backside as you can see it the top picture. I still need to get the Giving Tree Book so the kiddos can sign it to go along with the gift.

Mrs. Baker has been awesome this year with our HUGE & ROWDY class. We have struggled as student and parent and she has pulled us through, given us guidance and much love. She has been a truly blessing to us as a family!!!

Thanks for all you have done for us Mrs. Baker!!!May your summertime be sweet and next years class a little less headstrong! :)

We love you!!!!

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Michele said...

What a NEAT idea! LOVE it!


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