Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One Word Canvas Tutorial

Oh how I LOE, LOVE, LOVE this blog .... Joy's Hope ... written and directed by Miss Julie!!! It is one of my favorite blogs ... and I check her out everyday .. sometimes a couple times I must admit!

She is a Mommy, Friend , Daughter, Wife and Inspiration to all that she meets. She inspires me to be a better everything .... she encourages me to dream, to push the envelop and that all things really are possible if your heart is in it .... she proved that aove and beyound this Christmas with Project 320.

I want you all to surf over and meet Julie and her family. If you are not totally smitten with her like I am .. something is just wrong!!!!!

Well, the other day she posted this tutorial that we can all make!! A one word canvas. He word she has chosen this year is SHINE!

 I have sat an thought and thought trying to figure it out .... knowing that this year is about ME!  Doing a little bit more for myslef to make me a better person for myslef and everyone around me. With that said my word is ........

CREATE ......
a better me
a healthier me
my crafts
my home
a new dream job
a happier family
a fitter family

The possiblities are endless what I am hoping to CREATE this year!

So what's your word for 2010?
 Let me know!


1 comment:

Judi said...

I haven't decided what my word will be yet. It hasn't come to me.


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