Wednesday, December 9, 2009

367 Days Ago ...

367 days ago this little bundle of fur became part of our famlly. Above is Biscuit's Time To Rise @ 7 weeks old. We had no idea how she would truly change our lives in the course of a year ... even poor little fuzzy asst.{Molly II}, who isn't fond of her at all.

Now here is our sweet baby - 14 months old! She is  good dog - a little high strung at times, but starting to come into her own the older she gets. She actually slept in the bed with me and the huster last night for the first time ever! {I think we have turned a corner - FINALLY!}

I just wanted to also share a few things she has been up to this summer and fall.

 She has been redesigning the uses of our trampoline! The plastic and foam guard must taste some kind of good?

She has dug us our own private lake in the backyard! How lucky are we? Anyone care for a dip?

She has even take to redecorating and resigning the patio. How creative is she? She must not have liked the orginal design of my sweet chairs that I cherished because this is what has happened to them at the end of the summer. Wonder if she was teething? {Thankfully they are about 14 years old.}

But we love her reguardless!
Merry Christmas to Biscuit and to all a good chew toy!


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