Thursday, October 29, 2009

Quilt A Long Lodo Style

This summer I found several blogs that were doing quilt a longs ... so I started getting jealous .. first when I saw all the amazing fabrics everyone was gathering at their houses.

Old Red Barn.....I think got the ball rolling .... but Julie at Joy's Hope told me about the barn and I also found out that Crystal at Little Bit Funky was playing with the quilt a long. I have fallen head over heels with the quilts that Julie & Crystal have both made ... so I called Lodo up and told her all about it .... sent her the links .... and we started to collecting the fabrics ... or at least I did.
This past weekend Lodo showed up at my house for the weekend with her kiddos. I thought we were going to start our quilts together ... but she had other plans. She only brought herself and was ready to work. She cut all my fabrics and helped me pair it all up and got it ready .... {I was working on birthday gifts and party dresses} She got the hardest part {to me} all done. She even sewed up half of the strips .. told me the rest was up to me.

So now Lodo has to decide what fabric she wants to use ... she just can't decide .. luckily she has a few months before I can get to her house .... because when I go it will be my turn to cut her fabric and help her pair hers up and get it started.

We said we wanted to do this together and we did and are!

I can hardly believe all that she did for me ... thank you Lodo ... YOU ARE THE BESTEST !!!


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