Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Day

I just wanted to share our Christmas Day with you. I scrapped it all together since my newest passions and interest is in Digital Scrapbooking . Like I need another project or hobby .. ha!

I found this great template for free ... yes girlies .. for FREE!!! I found this great site called Scrapping with the IKEA Goddess. She has all sorts of Freebies all during the week that she has found. It's great! Especially for a beginner like me to see what it is all about. The template I used came from Designer Digitals. So check them out and scrap your memories and never leave your recliner!! How cool is that?



Simply Me... said...

were not going to loose you are we? I sure hope not! The blog world needs you :)


Shari said...

I love you pictures.... too cute!


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